jueves, febrero 04, 2016

On Sacrifice In Toreo ( Dr. Allen Josephs )

Death has meaning. In fact, death is what gives life meaning. That’s the story of the corrida: death gives life meaning.
 It’s the oldest story we have. We are going into this incredibly romantic theater of the bull ring to watch the oldest story ever told, again and again and again in a ritual. And as in all rituals, which are enactments of myths.
But in the bull ring, the blood is real. We want the great matador to bring the animal in closer and closer and closer, to dominate him more and more. To put himself in more danger, in effect. It’s playing with death. And why do we play with death? Because when the matador kills the bull, we overcome death.

On Sacrifice In Toreo by Dr. Allen Josephs
Foto: tomada del blog de mi amigo José Morente, L.R.I.

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